Bullous Lung Disease

Bullous Lung Disease

Bullous lung disease is a lung disorder, which causes a patient to be affected by absence of inhale. This results due to the formation of bullae in the lungs of an individual. Bullae tend to be thin-walled, air-filled cystic areas that exceed 1 cm in diameter and are found within the lungs. The lung seems to lose it's ability to expand and contract completely, and the condition will be called as fibrosis. The bullae also start interfering with the pulmonary technicians. The incapability from the lungs to expand and contract causes lack of breath which may result in an infection. It is a serious lung problem, which in extreme cases may cause complete destruction of the lungs.


Of late, studies have revealed that marijuana smokers are more vulnerable to this particular lung disorder as compared to cigarette smokers. Marijuana smokers inhale more quantity of smoke and hold it for a larger occasion than cigarette smokers. This is the basic reason as a result of which a marijuana smoker is actually detected using this lung disorder at least twenty years before a tobacco smoke enthusiast. Lack of alpha-1 antitrypsin can also be one of the reasons that could cause this disease.

  • Pneumonia - It is the inflammation of the alveoli of the lungs, caused because of bacteria, virus, fungi, or additional parasites.
  • Mucus-producing cough, temperature, shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain, chest pain, chills, and so on., are the symptoms of pneumonia.

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Never Consume Phlegm

The most effective remedy for cough together with phlegm is to throw up the sputum as much as you can. This ensures eradicating of excess mucus from the respiratory system, thereby preventing build up of the same and its associated infection. Drinking plenty of water also aids in mucus expectoration.

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Look into the medical history makes it clear that this lung disease is most common among people with emphysema. One important issue that needs to be dealt with before the treatment procedure is to identify perhaps the swelling of cystic places may be referred to as bullae or is it a congenital bronchial problem? Cystic spaces unlike bullae do not bring about the destruction of lungs, and hence, the treatment strategy is entirely different.

Symptoms like a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, and so on., usually take place due to respiratory problems. However, because they symptoms are noticed when suffering from other illness, it is really difficult to identify the exact cause without contacting a doctor. Allergy will be one of the most common cause of fever and cough collectively, in individuals. But, there can be a number of other possible causes such as those described below in short.