• Cough with Phlegm
    Cough with Phlegm
    Though not very reliable, the phlegm color meaning helps in quick identification of the underlying reason for wet cough.
  • Dry Cough Treatment
    Dry Cough Treatment
    Dry cough and wet cough are the two types of cough that people commonly suffer from.
  • Dry Cough at Night
    Dry Cough at Night
    A dry or wet cough is not a disease but a symptom of some other medical conditions that might affect the body.
  • Chronic Cough with Phlegm
    Chronic Cough with Phlegm
    It is necessary, that the cause of wet cough is detected to rule out any serious medical condition.
  • Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis
    Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis
    Mucus production can be seen in this condition resulting in wet cough and wheezing.
  • Dry Cough in Children
    Dry Cough in Children
    A dry cough, also known as nonproductive cough, does not produce any phlegm unlike a wet cough or productive cough.