• Acute Bronchitis Symptoms
    Acute Bronchitis Symptoms
    Coughing because of acute bronchitis has a distinguishing sound.
  • Is Chronic Bronchitis Contagious?
    Is Chronic Bronchitis Contagious?
    Whilst acute bronchitis is often found to be brought on by viral or bacterial infection, persistent ones tend to be found to be due to allergies that develop from irritants, smoking, etc.
  • Chills Without Fever
    Chills Without Fever
    Then a chest X-ray is actually performed for the diagnosis of acute bronchitis.
  • Home Remedies for Chest Cold
    Home Remedies for Chest Cold
    Probably the most common cause of acute bronchitis is viruslike episodes, but, this condition may also be caused by fungi or bacteria.
  • Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    Acute Bronchitis Prevention
    Most people develop acute bronchitis right after an infection by frequent cold or the flu.
  • Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment
    Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment
    Whilst acute bronchitis doesn't last for more than a few weeks; chronic bronchitis recurs frequently and lasts longer.
  • Bacterial Bronchitis
    Bacterial Bronchitis
    Bacterial infection usually leads to acute bronchitis.
  • Bacterial Lung Infection
    Bacterial Lung Infection
    Remedy: The treatment aims at alleviating the signs of acute bronchitis.