• Bronchitis Incubation Period
    Bronchitis Incubation Period
    Nevertheless, the symptoms of chronic bronchitis should not be taken lightly.
  • Morning Cough
    Morning Cough
    As well as long-term smoking problems these extremely buildings once and for all, thus making the person highly susceptible to develop chronic bronchitis.
  • Is Viral Bronchitis Contagious?
    Is Viral Bronchitis Contagious?
    One of the most common symptoms of chronic bronchitis is that it makes a lot of phlegm and mucus with the cough.
  • How to treat Bronchitis in Babies
    How to treat Bronchitis in Babies
    On the contrary, chronic bronchitis is brought on usually due to smoking cigarettes as well as other reasons, thus, is not contagious.
  • Chest Infection Remedies
    Chest Infection Remedies
    Oral steroids could be recommended for individuals affected by chronic bronchitis.
  • Wheezing in the Chest
    Wheezing in the Chest
    This lung condition is actually associated with conditions just like chronic bronchitis as well as emphysema.
  • Types of Inhalers for Bronchitis
    Types of Inhalers for Bronchitis
    Therefore, people with chronic bronchitis ought to avoid common lung irritants like smoke and pollen.
  • Common Causes of Bronchitis
    Common Causes of Bronchitis
    Exposure to passive smoking (second-hand smoke) daily also increases the chances of developing chronic bronchitis.
  • Dry Cough and Sore Throat
    Dry Cough and Sore Throat
    Acute bronchitis is usually caused by viral or bacterial infections, while chronic bronchitis is caused by smoking or long-term occupational exposure to irritating fumes or dust.
  • Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?
    Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious?
    A person suffering from chronic bronchitis and asthma suffers from a condition known as asthmatic bronchitis.
  • Bronchitis vs Asthma
    Bronchitis vs Asthma
    Apart from the aforementioned signs, one that may be certain to chronic bronchitis is frequent occurrence of infections such as cold and flu virus, and worsening of the cough.
  • Itchy Throat and Cough
    Itchy Throat and Cough
    On the contrary, chronic bronchitis runs for 4 months to Couple of years, and it is resulted as a result of inhalation of irritants (like air contaminants and cigarette smoke).