After Effects Of Bronchitis: How Is Bronchitis Treated?

After Effects Of Bronchitis: How Is Bronchitis Treated?

You have acute bronchitis, your physician may recommend rest, plenty of fluids, and aspirin (for grownups) or acetaminophen to treat fever. If you have chronic bronchitis as well as have been identified as having COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), you may need medications to open your airways and help clear away mucus. If you might have chronic bronchitis, oxygen therapy may be prescribed by your physician. One of the greatest means to treat acute and chronic bronchitis will be to remove the source of damage and annoyance to your lungs.

Diseases of the Lung

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi, the main air passages to the lungs, it normally follows a viral respiratory infection. To be diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, you need to have a cough with mucus most days of the month for at least 3 months. The symptoms of either type of bronchitis include: Cough that produces mucus; if yellow green in colour, you might be more likely to have a bacterial infection Shortness of breath worsened by exertion or mild activity Even after acute bronchitis has cleared, you may have a dry, nagging cough that lingers for several weeks. Regular respiratory infections (like colds or the flu) Rales (strange sounds in the lungs) or other abnormal breathing sounds may be heard by your doctor on lung examination with a stethoscope. If you might have chronic bronchitis, you happen to be susceptible to repeated respiratory infections.

After Effects of Bronchitis

Prednisone: Can cause a lot of side effects, particularly at higher doses. If you're experiencing these, you could try splitting the dose and take it daily, or you may have to take a lower dose if that is causing side effects. Keep in touch with your Dr. Readmore.

How to cure a cold/flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, chest infection, pneumonia or gastro NATURALLY!

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When I Woke Up Sweating and With My Heart Racing I Decided to See My GP

The chest infection had cleared up, I was told, but since some of the symptoms reminded the gp of tb (and I have been travelling) he arranged for a chest x-ray. I still felt quite awful, especially at nighttime, frequently as though someone were pressing the air out of my torso on exhaling and when I 'd frequently feel lightheaded. I also had hot flushes during these nighttime (no temperature). The gp gave me some syrup to loosen up the mucus (which had been green on some days, colourless on others). I really thought I was cured, but about 5 days past, nevertheless, the spaced out feeling came back, and it is there for several hours every day.

The Basics of Bronchitis

You're at risk for developing heart issues, together with more severe lung diseases and infections, so you should be tracked by a physician, if you suffer from chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is generally caused by lung infections, 90% of which are viral in origin. Repeated attacks of acute bronchitis, which irritate and weaken bronchial airways can result in chronic bronchitis. The symptoms of chronic bronchitis will also be worsened by high concentrations of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

Bronchitis After

Doctor diagnoses gets and bronchitis me on Biaxin for a week. 1 week later: Still feel no different after a week on biaxin, have trouble breathing and sleeping at night, therefore I return to the clinic. Next nighttime: Still have trouble breathing, therefore I go to the emergency room (lost all confidence in physicians at the clinic), and the physician there says my lungs are clear, but that I simply have some lingering after-effects. She set me on that for a week of one puff, twice a day.and an appointment a week later to follow up with my family doctor. I felt fine earlier in the week, but only a night or two before the appointment, I started having the shortness of breath again.