• Dry Drowning Symptoms
    Dry Drowning Symptoms
    Dry drowning is a serious health condition wherein internal drowning of the lungs is caused and should not at all be ignored.
  • Lung Infection Treatment
    Lung Infection Treatment
    Although lung attacks can usually be cured completely when handled on time, they may have life-threatening consequences if proper treatment is not provided, and also the signs get aggravated more.
  • Herbs for Bronchitis
    Herbs for Bronchitis
    Bronchitis is caused due to chronic cough and cold, where there is an acute irritation of the trachea, and also the large and small bronchi inside the lungs.
  • Dangers of Whooping Cough
    Dangers of Whooping Cough
    How to Increase Lung Capacity.
  • Coughing and Heart Diseases
    Coughing and Heart Diseases
    When the inhaled air moves into the lungs, the epiglottis (the cartilage flap that covers the windpipe) and the larynx close so as to trap the inhaled air within the lungs.
  • Coughing Up Phlegm
    Coughing Up Phlegm
    Symptoms of Lung Disease.
  • Coughing Up Green Mucus
    Coughing Up Green Mucus
    Hemothorax: Hemothorax is an injury to the muscles of the chest and can cause internal bleeding between the lungs and cavity of the chest.
  • Chronic Cough with Phlegm
    Chronic Cough with Phlegm
    Chronic cough and phlegm should not be neglected, as it can be a result of a serious lung condition.
  • Dog Coughing and Gagging
    Dog Coughing and Gagging
    Dry drowning in infants and children can also be caused due to muscular paralysis, drinking water excessively (which causes surplus fluid to get into the lung cells), inhaling a gas other than oxygen for a long period of time, and a puncture injury to the torso.
  • Chest Infection Remedies
    Chest Infection Remedies
    While the former impacts the lungs, rogues impacts the bronchi, which are the two big airways or branches of the trachea that carry the inhaled air to the lungs.
  • Infant Bronchitis Symptoms
    Infant Bronchitis Symptoms
    Signs and indications of such a lung condition are:
  • Fever and Sore Throat
    Fever and Sore Throat
    If a person is already suffering from any lung illness, he has the biggest chance of contracting pneumonia.